Enschede Marathon is known for its good facilities and services

On Sunday, April 24, all shower facilities will again be housed in the H.J. van Heekgarage under the H.J. van Heekplein. Toilets can be found at the start, the finish and along the trail at water and care stations.

Every 2.5 km there is a care post with water and bananas and every 5 km there is a post with sports drink from SportvoedingWebshop.com. Water sponging is also available at all care stations. After the finish, water and sports drinks will be handed out.

We offer participants in the Demcon Marathon or Movella Half Marathon the opportunity to bring their own sports drink. Participants in the marathon can deliver personal sports drinks to the registration desk in the “Saxion” on Saturday April 23 from 11: 00-17: 00 at the Runnersbeurs or on Sunday, April 24 between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM. The start number and the kilometer point of the care post must be stated on the water bottles. The maximum height of the bottles is 24 centimeters. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver all bottles that are higher to the relevant drinking station.

What is important is that it is NOT allowed to cycle on the course itself. This is to guarantee the safety of our riders and to avoid crowds.

Hares help runners on their way until 3:00. To sign up as a group for a hare until 3:00 p.m. you can send an email to [email protected]

Various pacers also start during the whole and half marathon. These pacers are experienced marathon and ultra runners who are able to run as flat a schedule as possible. To drag you through the difficult moments they occasionally let themselves fall back into the group to speak up your courage. They are not only capable of running at a steady and even pace, but can also provide you with tips and advice along the way. Two pacers start per finish time. You can recognize them by the colored balloons in the starting area. Below is a diagram with an overview of the times with the corresponding colors.


3:00 hours white
3:15 hours red
3:30 hours blue
3:45 hours purple
4:00 hours green
4:15 hours orange
4:30 hours yellow

Half marathon

1:35 hours red
1:40 hours blue
1:45 hours purple
1:50 hours green
1:55 hours orange
2:00 hours yellow
2:05 hours pink
2:10 hours white
2:15 hours light blue

The time registration of all distances takes place with the help of the Racetimer chronotrack chip. The chrono track is a time registration chip that is attached to the back of the start number. Walking with your own chip is not possible.

After the event of April 24,2022 we’ll place the pictures as soon as possible on our website.

Time clocks can be found at all 5 km points of the course and at the finish. The kilometer points are indicated with signs on the side of the road.

On the day of the marathon, at the end of the run, runners will have the opportunity to have a massage to relax their muscles and improve their circulation. The massage removes waste products (including lactate) from the body faster, resulting in a reduction in muscle stiffness and a faster recovery of the body. This service is offered by SON (Sportmassage Oost Nederland). The location of this is indicated by signs.

Every participant will receive a well-deserved medal after the finish. Make this medal a unique and personal memento by having it engraved. The costs for engraving are € 6.50 (with pre-registration) and € 8.00 (on the day itself). On H.J van Heekplein you can have your medal engraved at the merchant tent. Also the KidsRUN tops can come here!