Elite Label

Enschede Marathon will take place in 2024 under the so-called 'elite label'. Since 2019, Enschede Marathon regularly carries the bronze label of World Athletics, the international athletics federation. Since 2022 it is called elite label. The elite label is a quality label that Enschede Marathon is very proud of. There are quite a few requirements that you must meet as an organization before you can use this label.

With the elite label, athletes can earn points for participation in world championships and Olympic Games, among other things.

Internationale Atletiek Federatie

"There are quite a few conditions that you have to meet," says Sandra Melief on behalf of Enschede Marathon. "There are high requirements with regard to the field of participants. For example, both national and international top athletes must be at the start. But the course must also be officially measured, the facilities for the participants must be of high quality and there must be more time registration mats. and mandatory doping controls are carried out."


We all work very hard all year round to put on a great event. Then such recognition is proof for us that we are all doing well together. It is also good news for the participants, because they know that they are participating in an event that is of a high standard on all fronts.

Two years in succession (2020 and 2021), no regular Enschede Marathon has been able to take place. However, on April 18, 2021, together with Global Sports Communication and Hamburg Marathon, we organized the qualifying competition for the Olympic Games in Tokyo at Twenthe Airport. A great highlight in this elusive corona time!

Bonus at Racerecord

The 52nd regular edition of Enschede Marathon took place again on Sunday 24 April 2022. An extra bonus of €10,000 would be paid to the fastest man who would run under the Enschede Race Record of Eluid Kipchoge 02.04.30 and €10,000 to the fastest woman who would run under the race record of Katharina Steinrück 02.25.59 ( April 18, 2021 Twenthe Airport). The women's race record was broken! Maurine Chepkemoi broke with a super fast time of 02.21.08. Faster than the fastest woman in Rotterdam (2022). The winner of Enschede Marathon Julius Tuwei ran a fantastic time of 02.07.43