Who do you encourage?

Start and finish are from 10.00 hrs. on Boulevard 1945. Make sure you don’t miss the start and finish of your family and friends. They earn your support!

Sunday, April 13
You find the program of the Marathonweekend.

Lots to do
Grab a bite to eat or a drink. Enjoy the fun activities for children in the Humankind KidsDORP or just stroll along the Van Heekplein and let all those running vibes soak in. There is plenty to do! And who knows, maybe you will become so enthusiastic that next year you will be here yourself, in your running clothes, enjoying the aftermath of your achievement!

Race course
Take a look at the route here and decide where you’re going to cheer on. Let your friends and family know, so they know where they can count on you (and have a smile for that one marathon photo!)

Encourage needed
There are some stretches where it gets a little tougher for almost every marathon runner. This is usually between 34 and 41 kilometres. This is where you are most needed! Your support can be just that little extra. Come and cheer arround Twekkelo, for example. With extra music points along the entire route, a good time is guaranteed for you as a supporter.

Cycling along is not allowed
For safety reasons, it is not allowed to cycle with runners.