Which role is made for you?

Throughout the year, a large group of enthusiastic volunteers is involved in the organization of Enschede Marathon; the international top sports event that takes place annually on the third Sunday of April. On the day itself, 950 (!) volunteers are committed to making sure everything runs smoothly. The day stands or falls with the help of our volunteers.

Events traffic controller

As an event traffic controller, you are responsible for the safety on the course itself. At the times indicated, the course must be completely free of traffic and the participants must be able to safely complete the course. A serious and responsible job. The position, therefore, requires a short (online) course of approximately 30 minutes prior to the event. After that, you will have a certificate that is valid for one year and can also be used for other events! As an event traffic controller, you must be at least 16 years old.

Nursing staff member

Taking good care of our participants along the way is very important. We have a care station every 2.5km of the course. At these stations, the participants are provided with water and/or sports drink and sponges. Together with a team of other volunteers, you are responsible for preparing and handing out the drinks or sponges. After the event, you clean up the aid station together. And do you know what is so great? You can see all the participants passing by!

Employee construction and dismantling

Of course, there is always enough to build and dismantle. Think of the runner’s fair at Saxion or the start and finish area. For example, banners must be hung in these places, signage must be placed, and the registration desk must be set up.

Do you have a few hours on Saturday 20 or Sunday 21 April? We could really use all the help!

Registration office employee

All participants collect their starting number on Saturday and Sunday, as well as their ordered extras such as running shirts, BibBits, and socks. Dozens of volunteers are active at the registration desk at Saxion to ensure that this process runs smoothly. We always need a lot of help! Call a friend or neighbor and come help together.

Employee start/finish

As an employee in the start and finish area, you can be deployed to guide all participants to the correct starting area. Or maybe you want to help hand out the medals, sports drinks, water, and fruit. Help is also always needed at the cloakroom where participants can leave their sports bags. Come help and enjoy the day with all the participants!.

Facilities & Services for our volunteers

During the event on the 21th of April 2024, Enschede Marathon offers a great experience, and different facilities and services, including:

1. A volunteer tent with free coffee and tea all day

2. An Enschede Marathon volunteer shirt

3. A packed lunch co-provided by Huuskes

4. An invitation for the Enschede Marathon thank you drink, organised in the week after the event

After the event, there will of course be a toast to a great collaboration!


Share your experiences / learning points!

Enschede Marathon is very curious for your unique experience as a volunteer at our event. Describe your highlight, crazy experience, or insight and leave your volunteer story! We will possibly publish your story on our website or in our Enschede Marathon magazine.

Enschede Marathon strives for continuous improvement of the event. If you, as a volunteer, have noticed things that require improvement, do not hesitate to leave this learning point behind. 

Speak up and tell us your experience story/learning point via this form!

Become a volunteer!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, send a short motivation for a preferred position to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible!