Parts accessibility

Crossing points (accompanied by traffic controllers)

During Enschede Marathon, there are a number of crossing points along the route. Download a clear map with all crossing facilities along the route HERE.

Accessibility for residents of Enschede
During the marathon, barriers have been placed at various locations along the course, making the roads temporarily inaccessible to traffic. The course is divided into four zones, so that we can gradually build up and break down, with the aim of keeping the duration of the barriers as short as possible. The barriers are placed in the morning before the start of the marathon and removed as quickly as possible afterwards. During the Enschede Marathon you can pass the course on foot, by bicycle or by car via crossing points at various locations. Traffic controllers will guide you in this.

Participants and visitors who come from (far) outside Enschede are recommended to travel by public transport. From this year onwards, trains will also run on time from Rotterdam and Amsterdam Central so that you can arrive at the start in a relaxed manner at 10:00 am.

Motorists who want to park in the Van Heek Garage cannot use the East Entrance.

Participants and visitors who live near or in Enschede are recommended to come by bike or on foot.

Wheelchair-accessible spots are available for spectators who rely on a wheelchair. These are located next to the invitation tent at the start/finish on Boulevard 1945.

For more information send an email to [email protected]

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