Parts accessibility

1st  lap Demcon Marathon and Movella Half Marathon

Boulevard 1945 – Oliemolensingel – Hogelandsingel – Gronausestraat
Gronausestraat – Noord- en Zuid Esmarkerrondweg (after the last runner of the marathon (2nd lap) has passed Lossersestraat)
Gronausestraat – Oostweg – Euregioweg
Gronausestraat – Dolphiaweg – Slankweg
Gronausestraat – Beringstraat – Heidevlinder
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Lipperkerkstraat – Sleutelweg
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Oosterstraat
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Sleutelbloemweg
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Stokhorstlaan (active after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
Lossersestraat – Lonneker Molenweg – Glanerbruggeweg
Oldenzaalsestraat – Scholten Reimerstraat – Lonnekermolenweg
Lijsterstraat – Voortmansweg (active after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
IJsselstraat – Fazantsstraat
Stroinksbeekweg – Hulsmaatweg
Lonnekerspoorlaan – Roomweg
Lasondersingel – Lonnekerspoorlaan (outer ring of Singel, after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
Deurningerstraat – Lasondersingel
Boddenkampsingel – Kottendijk
Boddenkampsingel outer ring of Singel at G.J. van Heekpark)
Hengelosestraat – De Ruyterlaan (north side of Prinsessetunnel)
De Ruyterlaan – Parkweg – Stationsplein (south side of Prinsessetunnel)
Piet Heinstraat – Hoedemarkersplein – M.H. Tromplaan

2nd lap Demcon Marathon

C.F. Klaarstraat – Pelmolenstraat
Oliemolensingel – Marthalaan
Waalstraat – Hunzestraat – Deppenbroekstraat
Deurningerstraat – Horstlindelaan – Vanekerstraat
Horstlindelaan – Doctor Zamenhoflaan – Pompstationweg
Drienerlolaan – Drienerbleeklaan – Hallenweg
Bosweg (only right turn onto Drienerbeeklaan)
Hengelosestraat – Drienerbeeklaan – Capitol
Capitool (only right turn onto Colosseum)
Lambertus Buddestraat (near the Twekkelertunnel)
Hengelosestraat – Roessinghsbleekweg – Goolkatenweg

Accessibility for residents of Enschede
During the marathon there will be constructions at many points along the course. The roads used are temporarily not accessible to traffic. Barriers are placed in the morning, before the start of the marathon. After the finish these will be released as soon as possible.

During Enschede Marathon, you can cross the course at various intersections (walking, cycling or driving). Traffic controllers will guide you through.

Participants and visitors who come from outside Enschede are advised to travel by public transportation. Enschede Central Station is easily accessible by train. Drivers who want to park in the Van Heekgarage under the start/finish area cannot use Entrance East. Participants and visitors who live close to or in Enschede are advised to come by bike or on foot.

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