The registrations for the Enschede Marathon 2021 opened on April 19, 2020! You can register online up to and including March 31, 2021. Of course you can also register after 31 March. Then come during the weekend itself (17 and 18 April) to the registration desk in the Saxion. Registering after March 31 means that no name is stated on the starting number, this in connection with the delivery time of the starting numbers.

Fast runners
Fast runners can be invited by the organization to participate in the entire and half marathon in 2019 based on their performance. The guidelines for this are that you must have walked faster than:

Men                                  Women
2 hours 45 minutes           3 hours 15 minutes

Half marathon
Men                                  Women
1 hour 15 minutes            1 hour 20 minutes

If you think you qualify for this, send your personal details and proof of your time to [email protected]

Registering within Europe

Registering outside Europe