Program 16th, 17th & 18th of April 2021

Friday, April 16
Congres “Get Ready” on the University of Twente campus in collaboration with Roessingh Research & Development and University of Twente. The time and further information will follow.

Saturday, April 17
11:00 am: opening of the registration desk at the Saxion. Here the Runnersbeurs takes place at the same time.
5:00 pm: closing of the registration office and the Runnersbeurs.
7:00 pm: start of the accessible walk the Twee-van-Enschede.

Sunday, April 18
7:30 am: opening of the registration desk at the Saxion.
9:00 am: opening of the tent reception at the Enschede Marathon on the van Heekplein.
10:00 am: start of the Tubantia Marathon and the Xsens Half Marathon.
10:00 am: start various KidsRUNs.
10:15 am: start of the Menzis fitRUN 5 km and the HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN.
10:45 am: finish 5 km and HumanCapitalCare RUN.
11:15 am: half marathon finish.
11:50 am: half marathon ceremony for women.
12:00 am: half marathon for men.
12:15 pm: finish for the Tubantia Marathon.
12:55 pm: celebration of the entire marathon for women.
1:05 pm: honoring the entire marathon for men.
1:30 pm: start the Rosen CityRUN 10 km.
2:40 pm: finish and honoring 10 km.
3:15 pm: KidsRUN starts in the center of Enschede.
3:45 pm: ceremony KidsRUN Enschede center.