Twente national and international center of the running world Qualification top sport Olympic games and Fieldlab 10 kilometers for amateurs

A marathon performance is delivered literally and figuratively in Enschede. After diverting the NN Mission Marathon from Hamburg to Twente, a completely corona-proof course was prepared in barely two weeks. Viewers are not welcome and even the airport will be closed so that the international participants can deliver a top performance in complete safety on Sunday, April 18. A month later, amateur runners can do this again at the Vliegveld Twenthe Event Location with a Fieldlab event for 5000 runners who are allowed to run 10 kilometers.

The Enschede Marathon team is proud of these competitions. “In Twente we are able to organize everything well together thanks to the short lines of communication and extensive experience. From province, municipality and security region and using the grounds of Technology Base / Twente Airport and Twenthe Airport. together everyone puts their shoulders to the wheel. In times of corona, neighborship is very important and the whole world can see that this weekend, ”says Sandra Melief, director of the Enschede Marathon.

Twente in optima forma!

The various organizations are delivering unprecedented performance behind the scenes. Normally organizing is already a lot of work, but with all the corona precautions and the international participants there is even more to it. “The closing of the airport is not commonplace. But in order to make qualification for the Olympic games possible and to set top times, we make this exception possible, ”says Jan Schuring director Technology Base Twente and Twente Airport.

Preparation Fieldlab

In addition to the airport, the event will take place on the protected site of Twenthe Airport Events Location (VTE). Marten Foppen, director of VTE, can thus prepare for the Fieldlab “We are proud to contribute to the further opening up of events in the Netherlands. The NN Mission Marathon ensures that we can set up an even better Fieldlab for the 10 kilometers. The whole of Twente works together to show that events can take place responsibly. That is the perspective in which we take the lead in a sober way. ”

Perspective for sportsmanship

Niels van den Berg, Alderman for Sports, Municipality of Enschede: “The fact that the Enschede marathon is allowed to organize a recreational competition this year is an incredibly positive development for our city. It gradually offers some perspective again in these difficult times, in which we still feel like balancing on a tightrope. I am really looking forward to it and count on a lot of enthusiasm and sportsmanship! “.

The events are not open to the public and the spacious surroundings are also closed. Via the website you can find where the race can be followed online.