The Enschede Marathon is the oldest marathon of The Netherlands and Western Europe. At the first edition, in July 1947, 51 runners participated in the running competition. Today, almost 11.000 participants participate and the number is growing every year. The course is known as very fast and Enschede is therefore in the top 5 of Dutch marathons together with Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Along the course, some 82.000 loyal spectators are encouraging the runners every year. Traditionally, around 950 enthusiastic and involved volunteers are helping to make the day a success. Through their years of experience (some more than 30 years!), the volunteers of the Enschede Marathon are contributing significantly to putting together a highly successful event.


The start times of the half marathon, 10 kilometres and 5 kilometres will be announced later due to the course change we have made for the next edition.

Starting time
Finish from
1 KM SKE KidsRUN 10:00 hrs 10:20 hrs
42,195 KM Marathon 10:00 hrs 12:30 hrs
21 KM HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN 10:00 hrs  11:15 hrs
21 KM Xsens Half Marathon 10:00 hrs  11:15 hrs
5 KM HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN 10:15 hrs 10:30 hrs
5 KM Menzis FitRUN 10:15 hrs 10:30 hrs
10 KM HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN 13:45 hrs 14:15 hrs
10 KM ROSEN CityRUN 13:45 hrs 14:15 hrs

Program KidsRUN

We believe that if you start young, you are more likely to continue when you are older. This is why we like to give the starts of the future the opportunity to challenge themselves. The Enschede Marathon, together with Sportaal, facilitates children in participating in sport. Together with friends, brothers and/or sisters, your child will have a very fun-filled sporty day at the Enschede Marathon on the 14th of April when participating in the kidsRUN organised in various places throughout Enschede. The kidsRUN is a 1000 meter running competition for children up until the age of 12. Please find the schedule for 2018 below to give you an indication where the kidsRUN will take please, keep in mind this is still subject to change. Read more.

Starting time
Finish from
1 KM Roombeek, Prismare 10:00 hrs 10:10 hrs
1 KM Lonneker, Dorpsplein 10:00 hrs 10:10 hrs
1 KM Velve-Lindenhof, Miro-terrein 10:00 hrs 10:10 hrs
1 KM Enschede-West, Spinnerstraat 10:00 hrs 10:10 hrs
2 KM Enschede-West, Spinnerstraat 10:30 hrs 10:40 hrs
1 KM Enschede-Zuid, A.C. TION 10:30 hrs 10:40 hrs
4 KM Enschede-West, Spinnerstraat 11:00 hrs 11:30 hrs
1 KM Glanerbrug, Albert Heijn 11:00 hrs 11:10 hrs
1 KM Twekkelerveld, Speeltuin ‘t Heelal 11:00 hrs 11:10 hrs
1 KM Centrum, Boulevard 1945 15:30 hrs 15:10 hrs

Program prize ceremony & honouring’s

Please check back here at a later date for the accurate times for the price ceremony.

Starting time
5 KM Huldiging Menzis FitRUN female & male
21 KM Huldiging Xsens Halve Marathon female
21 KM Huldiging Xsens Halve Marathon male
42 KM Huldiging Marathon female
42 KM Huldiging Marathon male
10 KM Huldiging ROSEN CityRUN female & male
1 KM Huldiging SKE KidsRUN Centrum boys & girls

Runners Expo

On Saturday April 18th from 11.00 AM until 17.00 in the Saxion building located on the M.H. Tromplaan 28 and on Sunday at the H.J. van Heekplein. Come by to check out the latest trends in running apparel, new shoes, gadgets and nutrition.


There are differents ways to travel to the Enschede Marathon. Read more.


Special arrangement have been made for the Enschede Marathon weekend for the following hotels:

In Enschede
Intercity Hotel Landgoed de Wilmersberg (de Lutte)
Hotel De Broeierd  Resort Bad Boekelo 


Enschede. City of Now

With 160.000 inhabitants, Enschede is the largest city in Overijssel and East Netherlands. Not only the Dutch, but also our eastern neighbours are visiting Enschede more and more. Every year more than 80 musical, cultural and sports events are being organised in and around the city. Even major Dutch event have found their way to Enschede in the past, such as UEFA Women’s EURO (2017), The Passion (2015) and 3FM Serious Request (2012).
Enschede has a huge variety of cafés, restaurants and shops. Not only the big chain restaurants and stores are located here, but local businesses also have beautiful products that are definitely worth a visit. Also in the cultural area you will not come up short: there are several theatres, cinemas, (pop) stages, museums and galleries to stimulate your senses.
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