Race regulations

  1. Application

The Atletiekunie (Dutch Athletics Union) race regulations apply, except as provided for in these General Terms & Conditions. The race regulations of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) apply, except as provided for in the Atletiekunie race regulations or in these Terms & Conditions. Both sets of race regulations are available for perusal from the Organiser and the Organiser will send the relevant stipulations to the Participant at the Participant’s request.

  1. Assignment of categories (sex/age)

The Organiser shall assign the Participant to a race category for the Marathon or the Half Marathon, based on the Participant’s sex and age on the day of the Event. The following Categories have been established:

Sex Category Age Sex Category Age
Men Senioren 18 t/m 34 years Women Senioren 18 t/m 34 years
Men M35 35 t/m 39 years Women V35 35 t/m 39 years
Men M40 40 t/m 44 years Women V40 40 t/m 44 years
Men M45 45 t/m 49 years Women V45 45 t/m 49 years
Men M50 50 t/m 54 years Women V50 50 t/m 54 years
Men M55 55 t/m 59 years Women V55 55 t/m 59 years
Men M60 60 t/m 99 years Women V60 60 t/m 99 years

Masters may indicate that they wish to compete in the Seniors Category. Entry is only permitted in one Category (either senior or master). The Participant should verify, whether the category to which he is assigned by the Organiser is correct before the Event.

  1. Prizes per Category

Every Participant who finishes the race within the time will receive a commemorative medal. In addition, three prizes will be awarded in each Category. For the regulations regarding these prices, we refer you to the price schedule on our website. A Participant is not entitled to a prize, if he or she has acted in breach of the race regulations. Any prize awarded must be handed back to the Organiser, if it appears, after its presentation, that the Participant has acted in breach of the regulations of the race.

If the Participant wins prices in several categories, only the highest amount will be paid. A Participant in the BusinessRUN is not eligible for the individual prize money.

  1. Determination of the result

The Organiser determines the results and is entitled to change the results, after irregularities have been found (e.g. missing mat times). A Participant must return a prize awarded to him to the Organiser, if it appears that the Participant is not entitled to that prize pursuant to the results following a change in the results. The result are publiched in uitslagen.nl

  1. Manner of movement

All Participants should proceed by running along the course set out by the Organiser in a way that is customary for road running and in accordance with the rules laid down by the Atletiekunie and the IAAF.

  1. Starting position

The Organiser will assign the Participant to a starting section.

  1. Start numbers

The Participant will receive from the Organizer one start number showing the start number assigned to him or her. The Participant should attach the start number to his chest with safety pins distributed by the Organizer. The start number should be attached in such a way that the race number, bar codes and other information displayed on them are clearly visible. They may not be cut or folded. The Participant is not permitted to wear any start number other than the start number given to him by the Organiser.

  1. Time registration

The Organiser determines the finishing time and the intermediate times of the Participant. This determination is binding. The times are registered by means of the MyLaps systems B-tag. This is a time registration chip attached to the back of the start number. The Organizer can only register the Participant’s times if the start number is properly worn.

  1. Deadline/last runner

Due to the opening of the course to traffic, participants must have passed certain points on the course at specific times. For the Marathon, you must have passed the 35.1 km point by 2:50 PM. Participants who are not at or beyond the specified point at the mentioned time will be removed from the event by the Organizer. The judgment of the Organizer-appointed referee, known as the ‘last runner,’ is binding for determining whether a participant has passed a specific point on time. Participants who cross the finish line later than 5.5 hours + 15 minutes after the start of the Marathon will no longer be included in the race results (for elite athletes, the time limits + 15 minutes apply for inclusion in the race results in accordance with the competition regulations).

  1. Disqualification/removal from the race

The Organiser is entitled to disqualify a Participant and/or remove him or her from the race, if the Participant does not adhere to these race regulations or behaves unfairly or misbehaves or if the removal is deemed necessary for medical reasons or in connection with an orderly progress of the Event.

  1. Instructions from the race management

Participants should follow the instructions given by the Organiser or as the case may be, of the persons who clearly belong to the Organiser’s organisation in view of their clothes or other external features. Participants competing in the running event who cannot run without the aid of supervisors or aids should ask permission for their use from the race management in advance.

  1. Other stipulations
  • The Participant is not permitted to accept service (drinks, food, sponges, etc.) from anyone who is not at a service post set up by the Organiser.
  • The Road Traffic Act and the legalisation based on that Act, such as the Road Traffic and Traffic Signs Regulations, shall remain in effect along the entire course during the Event.
  • Participants are not permitted to arrange to be supervised, regardless of the aim and by whom, on the course, unless written consent has been obtained from the Organiser.
  • Items such as pets or animals, prams or pushchairs, banners, etc. are not permitted.
  • It is not possible to hand over clothes at the start and Participants are therefore advised to arrive at the starting area in running gear. The Organiser cannot be held liable for lost items of clothing or other property belonging to Participants. This also applies to items left behind in the changing facilities provided by the Organiser. Participants should note that the Organiser does not guard these facilities.
  • The Participant is expected not to damage other persons properties and not to leave any litter behind.
  • The organisation should be notified in writing of cancellations of and/or changes to registrations, [email protected]
  • If a Participant’s payment of the financial obligation for entry is overdue, the organisation reserves the right to remove the Participant in question from the Participants file.

In the event of differences in translation or interpretation between the Dutch and the English version of this document, parties will be bound to the Dutch version, which prevails.