Enschede Marathon moved to 2021

Enschede Marathon, which would be organized on Sunday, April 19, chooses not to organize the event in the fall, but to fully focus on a new edition on April 18, 2021. The organization has made this choice partly due to the now crowded marathon calendar in the fall. However, there is also good news for the participants: they can bring their starting ticket for the 2020 edition to next year free of charge.

“In recent weeks, we have been investigating whether the event could be moved to later this year,” said Sandra Melief, Enschede Marathon Director. “The conclusion was, especially in view of the crowded Marathon calendar in the fall, that it is best to focus on the edition on April 18, 2021.”

Financial consequences
Naturally, the organization also identified the financial consequences of the cancellation. “Not only have a lot of costs been made during the preparation of the event, but we also miss planned revenues due to the cancellation,” says Melief. “We were unable to deliver to the sponsors what we had contractually agreed upon. Fortunately, many of them, despite the crisis, were willing to partly finance the Stichting Marathon Enschede. We think that is fantastic. ”

The starting certificate is passed on
Thanks to the cooperation and contributions of the sponsors, the Municipality of Enschede and the Province of Overijssel, participants who have already registered can participate in the Enschede Marathon for free next year. Melief: “By pushing the start tickets forward, the continued existence of the Enschede Marathon will not be endangered and we will be able to make it a top edition again financially and sportively next year. And good to know: the start tickets are automatically converted to the new date next year. ”

For those who have not (yet) registered for this year’s edition, the registration for Enschede Marathon 2021 opens on Sunday, April 19, 2020. “We will do everything we can to organize another great event next year together with our 950 volunteers. to put, ”said Melief.