In good hands

Important: always run with your own startnumber!

Your start number is linked to your name and your medical data. In case of medical emergencies, in which the runner is unresponsive, the data on the back of the start numbers will be used. It is therefore very important that these data are correct and that you run with your own start number!On the day of the marathon, in case of an emergency, an extended medical team is standby to provide professional help when as necessary. Over a hundred specialized professionals; doctors; nurses; first aid team and a group of sports masseurs provide the support.

Along the course there are several first aid posts, ambulances and ambubikers. For a specification, see below for the medical facilities along the course.

Facilities along the course

Along the course are:

  • Every 2,5 km a First Aid Post,
  • 2 ambulances that can be used immediately, when necessary
  • 2 ambubikers with all the necessary medical equipment, are primarily used in the city center, with a medical expert on each bike

The medical organisation is directed and coordinated from a emergency main post.

The names and data of all participants are directly available from the database. In case of an emergency, important personal medical information (which is filled in on the registration form) is passed on to the ambulance or the medical post.

It is carefully registered which calamities enter the medical posts and who is transported to which hospital. These data will be analysed so that we can be of better service to you in years to come.

The Atletiekunie (Dutch Athletics Union) has started with the use of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillator) at medium to large running events in cooperation with Procardio. It has been found that the bar to start running is getting lower. Running now is a recognised way of living fit and healthy. On Sunday, April 24, twenty cardiac defibrillators (AEDs) will be in place along the course. As a result, risk of death due to cardiac arrest during running can be limited.