Information for participants DEMCON marathon

Start time Demcon Marathon
10 a.m. Demcon Marathon (start/finish: Boulevard 1945)

Starting boxes
You will find the starting blocks on the Mooienhof at the beginning of the Boulevard. Be in your starting area at least 10 minutes before the start. Your starting number shows the color of the starting area in which you are assigned.

Starting block Green Elite runners + runners with a competition licence (starting straight behind the elite runners)
Starting block Blue < 3:00:00 hrs.
Starting block Yellow 3:00:00 hrs. – 3:30:00 hrs.
Starting block Orange 3:30:00 hrs. – 4:00:00 hrs.
Starting block Red > 4:00:00 hrs.









Collect bib number and runners grant
You can pick up your bib number and any extras you may have ordered (Enschede Marathon Runningshirt, Running Socks and BibBits) on Saturday, April 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, April 16 from 7:30 a.m. to one hour before the start at Saxion University of Applied Sciences at M.H. Pick up Tromplaan 28. Please note: your bib number will not be sent home! You can find your starting number in the Enschede Marathon Tracking app and on the name lists, which are displayed at the registration desk.

On Saturday 15 April, Saxion will simultaneously host the runners’ fair: get information about sports and running-related products and services.

The distance from Hogeschool Saxion to the start is about 1 km.

Medical passport
On the back of your bib number there is an option to fill in your medical passport. If there is anything that is of medical importance to us, we expressly ask you to fill it in.

Pick up someone else’s bib number

You can pick up the bib number of a running buddy. Provide a screenshot of the start number Enschede Marathon Tracking app.

Supply your own water bottle(s)
Delivery of water bottles at the registration office at Saxion: Saturday 15 April from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm or on Sunday 16 April between 8:00 am and 8:30 am.

State your start number and the kilometer point of the aid station(s) on the water bottle(s). The maximum height of the bottles is 24 centimeters. Water bottles that are higher will not be delivered to the drinking station.

Enschede Marathon Tracking app
Follow your favorite participants live with the Enschede Marathon Tracking app. You know exactly when someone started, where they are on the course and when they finish. Handy for you and your supporters! In the app you will find your own performance, start lists, the latest news and updates, the results and more!

Pay extra attention to the whole and half marathon
NB! The full and half marathon partly use the same course. There are therefore a number of important points on the course where you have to pay extra attention. These points are very clearly marked along the way by means of a text cart (21 km / 42 km).

During Enschede Marathon, the city is less accessible than usual. Keep in mind that you need more time to get from A to B and that there are walking routes you have to follow. By means of the maps on this page we help you to take the right route to be in the starting area on time.

Time registration
The time registration of all distances takes place with the help of a chip, which is attached to the back of the bib number. Note: always wear your bib number on your chest, not on your back!

The limit for completing the Demcon Marathon is 5 hours.

The point must be passed 35.1 km before 2.15 pm. If you pass this km point after 2.15 pm, you are requested to board the bus reserved for this purpose. Just before the 41 km point on the crossing at the Oldenzaalsestraat, the jury will do a final check again (you are then close to the van Heekplein). Although the finish is in sight, you can still be taken off the course. due to with the start of the KidsRUN, no runners are allowed to finish after 3.10 pm.

Time clocks on the way
Clocks are at all 5 kilometer points and at the finish. The kilometer points are indicated by signs on the side of the road.

Download results and certificate
All results can be found on our website after the event. Here you can also download your certificate for free.

Water and (medical) care posts
Every 2.5 km: water stations

Every 5 km: aid stations with water, bananas, sports drink and water sponges

After the finish: water and sports drink

In the unlikely event of getting off during the race: every 5 km (at the aid stations) vans to take you to the start/finish.

Bag delivery
On April 16 you can drop off your bag in the truck (wardrobe) at the H.J. van Heekplein The use of this is free.

Attach the bag label attached to your bib number to your bag and hand in your bag. With your bib number you can then pick up your bag again. Enschede Marathon cannot be held liable for loss or theft of personal belongings.

Changing, showering and toilets
You can change and shower on -1 in the Van Heek garage under the H.J. van Heekplein. The use of the showers/changing rooms is at your own risk. Toilets can be found at the H.J. van Heekplein, at the start, the finish and along the course at water and care stations.

Engrave medal
After the finish you can go to the H.J. van Heekplein have your medal engraved at the ‘engraving medal’ stand (€ 8.00). If you ordered this when you registered, a medal will be printed on your bib number as proof.

Parking (note: paid!)
Via this link you will find more information about parking by bicycle and car. We advise you to come by bike or public transport. Paid parking applies on April 16. Shops are closed.

Sports care East Netherlands is present to massage you after your effort. After reaching the finish you will find Sportverzorging Oost Nederland at the entrance of the Klanderij. Only accessible after crossing the finish line.

Event Square
At the H.J. Various stands have been set up at Heekplein, you can go for something to eat and drink and there are fun activities for children in the KidsDORP, provided by the Fun & Fit team of Humankind, including sports and games and a climbing wall.

Is there information missing from this overview? View our FAQs. You may find the answer to your question there!

Start times other distances
10 a.m. Mazars Half Marathon

13.00 Univé FitRUN 5 km

1:30 PM ROSEN CityRUN 10km

3.15 pm Humankind KidsRUN Center