Honor TOP 3 runners EUREGIO championship marathons combi Münster and Enschede on the border

The first international EUREGIO Marathon Championship after a long hiatus was a great success despite the Corona time. Here were nice benefits for all who participated in both the Enschede Marathon and the Volksbank Münster Marathon. For example, if you register for both marathons at the same time, the registration fee was cheaper than if you had booked both events separately and you were also included in the standings for the EUREGIO Marathon Championship with prize money for the three fastest men and women. The project was supported by the EU INTERREG scheme through the EUREGIO, an institution that has been committed to facilitating living together in the border area between the Netherlands and Germany since its foundation in 1958. The EUREGIO invited the winners to the award ceremony at its conference center in Glanerbrug.

Director/director Christoph Almering opened the ceremony as host. He is pleased that the two organizations have found each other across the border and have jointly taken up the German-Dutch promotion in collaboration with the EUREGIO and thus have been able to welcome more runners from neighboring countries. “This is exactly the right example of the European subsidy programs and the task of the Euregions”. The prize winners received their prize money with a bouquet of flowers from the competition management of the Enschede Marathon, Sandra Melief and of the Volksbank Münster Marathon, Michael Brinkmann.

Time Münster + time Enschede = EUREGIO combi ranking

Women’s ranking:
1st place: Judith Gorschlüter from Münster > 3:42:52 3:48:06 7:31:47
2nd place: Godelieve Pieper from Schalkhaar > 3:56:50 3:55:47 7:57:21
3rd place: Uta Sander from Lingen > 4:28:12 4:13:51 8:47:28

Men’s classification:
1st place: Steffen Mihsler from Münster > 3:00:05 2:48:31 5:48:57
2nd place: Richard Evering from Enschede > 3:00:20 2:58:28 5:59:12
3rd place: Max Heyer from Münster > 3:08:20 3:23:14 6:33:21

The competition results were then discussed at a festive table with Twentse Krentewegge and coffee, non-alcoholic drinks and healthy food and informal discussions with the organizations and prize winners. With two short films from both events, the marathon was once again relived. The winners praised the wonderful cross-border collaboration and the successful project and wished it continued in the coming years.

Everyone agreed to maintain this successful concept. There will be a new EUREGIO ranking for all participants who will start in 2023 in both the Enschede Marathon (16 April 2023) and the Münster Marathon (3 September 2023) and who pre-register for both events in Enschede.

Names for the photo: from left to right: Goedelieve Pieper, Uta Sander, Judith Gorschlüter, Sandra Melief / Enschede Marathon Foundation, Steffen Mihsler, Michael Brinkmann / Volksband-Münster-Marathon, Max Heyer, Richrd Evering, Christoph Almering / EUREGIO.