The Enschede Marathon combines experience from the past with the knowledge of the future!

A fast track and all the facilities you could wish for

Run a great game? That is possible in Enschede. But much more can be done! Surprise yourself, surpass yourself, every time. The trail is fast, the care optimal, and throughout the year you will be provided with the latest information about running. So do you want to improve yourself? Then come to Enschede!

Whether you are a competition runner or recreational player, as a runner you want to improve yourself every time. You train hard for it and you don’t do it for nothing. We understand that in Enschede. That is why the course is super fast, the care is perfectly arranged and the atmosphere is great. As a runner in Enschede you are central and you notice that.

The Enschede Marathon is a professionally organized city marathon in an attractive environment. Not massive, but well-arranged, so that you can start relaxed. You experience hospitality from Twente, you enjoy the excellent facilities and the relaxed atmosphere. Nothing stands in the way of a great time!

Did you know that the Enschede Marathon in 1947 was the very first marathon in the Netherlands and the second in Europe? As a runner you are therefore part of a great running history. And you notice all that experience! The organization is like a house and as a runner you feel supported.

Over the years, the Enschede Marathon has become an institution that can help you improve yourself. By working closely with high-tech partners from the Twente region, the Enschede Marathon provides you with smart advice and the latest developments in the field of better nutrition, modern materials, innovative training schemes and the link with futuristic techniques. That way you perform better, you recover faster and you get even more pleasure and satisfaction from walking.

Enschede Marathon organizes annual conferences (in February and April) together with the University of Twente and Roessingh Research & Development. Various scientists (also from other universities in the country) talk about their research. The subjects have been chosen in such a way that – whether you walk 5 or 42 kilometers – you will be perfectly prepared on Sunday 18 April. Injury prevention, mental preparation, tapering-off, biorhythmics, it’s all covered. Click here for more information.