End of Enschede Marathon Clinics

The board of the Marathon Enschede Foundation has decided to put an end to the well-known Enschede Marathon Clinics. Under the inspiring leadership of Marti ten Kate, Ingrid Prigge and the other trainers involved, the training sessions have become a fixed value for runners in recent years. “For years, the clinics were a household name in the region,” says Sandra Melief, director of Enschede Marathon. “We therefore stop with a heavy heart.”

Decreasing number of participants In 1993 the first Tubantia clinics started in preparation for the Twente Marathon, as Enschede Marathon was called then. In the first fifteen years, the clinics had a large turnout of about 10,000 participants. Runners, trainers, doctors and running specialty stores met every first Saturday morning of the month over a fresh cup of coffee. “Many trainers, doctors and running specialty stores have been ready in their spare time with soul and bliss to prepare runners for the big day,” says Melief. “Unfortunately, the number of participants has been declining for years, partly because, in line with our clinics, more and more alternative clinics are being offered and running groups have been created in the region.”

Important Feature The board has used the time to carefully consider and make a well-considered decision. But given all the developments, there was really no other choice but to stop the Enschede Marathon Clinics. Over the years, they have played an important role in developing running sport in Twente, and we as Enschede Marathon can only be very proud of that.”