Combination classification Enschede Marathon & Volksbank Münster Marathon

From now on you can register again for a marathon combination classification ‘edition 2021 / 2022’. Under the title ‘EUREGIO Championship’ you compete for the cross-border classification.

The combined final classification will be drawn up after the Enschede Marathon, which will be held on Sunday April 24, 2022. The Volksbank Münster Marathon will take place on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

A combined result with its own prize schedule. If you participate in both marathons, you will also receive an attractive discount on the registration fee.

Prizes of € 500,- € 300,- and € 200,- respectively are available for the 1-2-3 fastest ladies and gentlemen of the cross-border classi fication. A raffle will also be held among all combi-classification runners, where various nice prizes can be won. You pay € 80,- to participate in the combi-classification. For this you will receive tickets for the Enschede Marathon and the Volksbank Münster Marathon.

Registration is possible via the regular registration page on the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon website. Then option for the Volksbank Münster Marathon Combined Classification (September 12, 2021) & Enschede Marathon (April 24, 2022) for € 80,-. You will receive a general confirmation via the email address provided.