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Do you want to commit yourself as a company to a healthy lifestyle? And is economic vitality one of your core values? Then a partnership with the Enschede Marathon fits you well!

Economic vitality has become an important theme. Companies that see sport as an effective means to keep their employees active and healthy have come to the right place at the Enschede Marathon. Recent surveys confirm (again) that sporting employees experience less stress, have higher labor productivity, show less absenteeism and achieve better team performance.

By working together on a sporting goal, you are not only working healthy, but the sense of togetherness is also growing considerably. And how can that be better than by taking part in one of the distances of the Enschede Marathon on Sunday April 18?

We support you on the way there. Use our expertise and use our extensive network to profile your company in a positive and sporting manner. And not only on April 18, 2021, but throughout the year. As an Enschede Marathon we are open to modern developments and to the needs of companies. Talk to us and tell us about your goals and plans, and you will find that more is possible than you think!

For more information please contact Sandra Melief 06 51117708 or [email protected].

Current sponsors

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HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN

This year you can once again achieve top sporting performance together with your colleagues by participating in the HumanCapitalCare CompanyRUN. Training and participating together not only ensures a good mutual atmosphere, but also healthy and active employees who are bursting with energy. Do we also see your organization on Sunday April 18, 2021?

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Company FIT Express

Enjoy progress together. Train with your colleagues! We organize running clinics exclusively for companies. More information? Contact us via 053-4305486 or via [email protected].

Hospitalitytent at H.J. van Heekplein

Proud of the performance and having a drink together in your own hospitality tent with colleagues and / or employees? Or a place where you can invite (business) relations in peace? Then choose your own meeting place nearby or at the finish on the H.J. van Heekplein.
For more information you can contact us via [email protected] or call 053-4305486 for customized advice.