Also no Enschede Marathon for elite runners

It had been clear for some time that the Enschede Marathon, which was scheduled for April 18, 2021, could not take place in its usual form this year. Because even though the vaccination program has now started, the corona pandemic will continue to affect our daily lives for a while. Still, the organization had the wish – now that all major marathons have been moved to the autumn – to organize an elite marathon. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of the organization and top runners, this is not feasible.


Glimmer of hope

“We had a ray of hope recently that we would be able to organize a marathon for elite runners,” says marathon director Sandra Melief. “Due to a great shortage of competitions, many marathon runners still have to qualify for the Olympic Games and it would have been great if they could have done that in Enschede. But as the measures were tightened further, we saw the opportunities for this evaporate more and more. ”


Financial consequences of Corona measures

Due to the many uncertainties, including the expected third wave and the increasingly strict measures, organizing a marathon was increasingly surrounded by financial uncertainties.

“Organizing an elite marathon costs a lot of money,” says Melief. “Especially in Corona time. Think of quarantining 200 athletes in a hotel for several days, transport by buses to the start, extra security measures to guarantee the 1.5 meters, various tests and of course the prize money. ” Melief thinks it is a great pity that it cannot continue. “We have recently received a lot of applications from top athletes who were very eager to start. It is therefore important to me to disappoint them. ”



However, in addition to the inadequate financial resources, the organization does not consider it socially responsible to organize an event at a time like this, when the measures are only getting heavier. “Our greatest wish was to have a large group of amateurs participate in addition to the elite,” Melief emphasizes. “But of course that cannot be the case at the moment.” The organization hopes that an event can still be organized later in the year. “But how and what, there is nothing concrete to say about that at the moment. As soon as more is known about this, we will of course let you know. ”

The starting tickets of participants who already registered for 2020 and 2021 will be moved to the new date free of charge.