Parts accessibility

1st  lap Demcon Marathon and Movella Half Marathon

Boulevard 1945 – Oliemolensingel – Hogelandsingel – Gronausestraat
Gronausestraat – Noord- en Zuid Esmarkerrondweg (after the last runner of the marathon (2nd lap) has passed Lossersestraat)
Gronausestraat – Oostweg – Euregioweg
Gronausestraat – Dolphiaweg – Slankweg
Gronausestraat – Beringstraat – Heidevlinder
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Lipperkerkstraat – Sleutelweg
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Oosterstraat
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Sleutelbloemweg
Noord Esmarkerrondweg – Stokhorstlaan (active after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
Lossersestraat – Lonneker Molenweg – Glanerbruggeweg
Oldenzaalsestraat – Scholten Reimerstraat – Lonnekermolenweg
Lijsterstraat – Voortmansweg (active after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
IJsselstraat – Fazantsstraat
Stroinksbeekweg – Hulsmaatweg
Lonnekerspoorlaan – Roomweg
Lasondersingel – Lonnekerspoorlaan (outer ring of Singel, after the last runner of the 1st round has passed)
Deurningerstraat – Lasondersingel
Boddenkampsingel – Kottendijk
Boddenkampsingel outer ring of Singel at G.J. van Heekpark)
Hengelosestraat – De Ruyterlaan (north side of Prinsessetunnel)
De Ruyterlaan – Parkweg – Stationsplein (south side of Prinsessetunnel)
Piet Heinstraat – Hoedemarkersplein – M.H. Tromplaan

2nd lap Demcon Marathon

C.F. Klaarstraat – Pelmolenstraat
Oliemolensingel – Marthalaan
Waalstraat – Hunzestraat – Deppenbroekstraat
Deurningerstraat – Horstlindelaan – Vanekerstraat
Horstlindelaan – Doctor Zamenhoflaan – Pompstationweg
Drienerlolaan – Drienerbleeklaan – Hallenweg
Bosweg (only right turn onto Drienerbeeklaan)
Hengelosestraat – Drienerbeeklaan – Capitol
Capitool (only right turn onto Colosseum)
Lambertus Buddestraat (near the Twekkelertunnel)
Hengelosestraat – Roessinghsbleekweg – Goolkatenweg

Extra crossing points for the Univé FitRUN 5 km and ROSEN CityRUN 10 km

Oliemolensingel – Hoge Bothof
Floraparkstraat – Kotkampweg – Brakerhorst
Oldenzaalsestraat – Tichelweg – Schouwinkstraat

Arriving by bike
It’s busy in the city centre on April 16! If you come to the city centre by bike, please park it in one of the free parking garages for bikes. Because of the crowds, we advise you not to walk through the city centre with your bike, but to park it in one of the designated bicycle parking spaces.

Free bicycle parking facilities:
– Willem Wilminkplein bicycle parking garage, open 24/7
– Station bicycle parking garage, North and West, open 24/7
– Brammelerstraat bicycle parking garage, open 24/7
– Van Heekplein bicycle parking garage, open 7.30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Arriving by car
If you arrive by car, then take the exit Enschede-Zuid on the A35 and follow the signs Centrum. Park your car in the H.J. van Heekgarage West or Zuid. Start/finish is directly above this car park.

Entrance Oost of the H.J. van Heekgarage will be closed on April 16.

By train
Please note: check the arrival and departure times in time for the Enschede Marathon weekend. Check the app or website of NS, the Dutch Railway Service, for the latest information. Start/finish is within walking distance of the train station.

Discount card parking garages
On Sunday April 16 we will sell a discount card for € 10,- that allows you to park for 24 hours. You can buy the discount card at the information booth at the H.J. van Heekplein. The discount card is valid in the H.J. van Heekgarage.

The H.J. van Heekgarage is located directly underneath the start/finish area. 

How to use the discount card?
– Enter your discount card at the payment machine. The card will be taken and the discount amount will be calculated.
– Then enter your parking ticket. This is the card you received when entering the parking garage.
– The parking fee to be paid will be debited and deducted from the discount amount.
– Any outstanding amount must be paid on the spot.
– After the amount has been debited or the additional payment has been made, you remove your parking ticket from the machine.
– You then present the card to the barrier when exiting the car park. If the barrier opens automatically (license plate recognition), you do not need to present your parking ticket. You can then simply drive out.

More information: Stichting Marathon Enschede, phone +31 (0)53 – 430 54 86 or send an e-mail to: [email protected].

Accessibility for residents of Enschede
During the marathon there will be constructions at many points along the course. The roads used are temporarily not accessible to traffic. Barriers are placed in the morning, before the start of the marathon. After the finish these will be released as soon as possible.

During Enschede Marathon, you can cross the course at various intersections (walking, cycling or driving). Traffic controllers will guide you through.

If you visit the Runners’ Expo or the registration office you can park (paid) in the immediate vicinity of Saxion or in one of the car parks in the center. The distance from Saxion to the start is about 1 km.

From Saxion (registration office) to your starting box