By car:

On the A35 take the exit Enschede-Zuid, follow the signs Centrum, parking is in the H.J. van Heekgarage West, directly below the start/finish area.

The H.J. van Heekgarage has a capacity of 1.650 cars (note: on Sunday, April 19th, 2020 only the entrance on the west side (‘Ingang West’) of the parking garage is accessible). The other parking garages in the centre of Enschede are within walking distance of the start/finish area. The various parking garages are indicated on

Before and on the day of the marathon (April 19th, 2020), an exit card for the H.J. van Heekgarage can be purchased (subject to availability) at a reduced rate at the info station (at the H.J. van Heekplein) and the registration office (Saxion). The entry card can be handed in at the point of sale.

More information: Stichting Marathon Enschede, phone + 31 (0)53-4305486 and by e-mail [email protected]

Public transport:

Enschede is easily accessible by train. Check out the NS app or website for the latest information.

Accessibility of residents of Enschede:

During the marathon, there will be roadblocks on many points along the course and the roads used for the event are temporarily unavailable for traffic. The roadblocks are set up in the morning, before the start of the marathon. Afterwards they will be removed as quickly as possible.

During the marathon, the public can cross the course walking, by bicycle or by car at various points. Traffic controllers will accompany you.

All crossing points (under the guidance of traffic controllers):

We are currently mapping the possibilities for crossing points for the new course that will be run on Sunday, April 19, 2020.