Enschede Marathon added to the second phase of Fieldlab Events

Enschede Marathon is used by Fieldlab Events as an upscaling test, in which results from previous studies are tested with larger numbers of people. Enschede Marathon will have a modified design: five thousand recreational users will be allowed to run the 10 kilometers on a protected site.

Sandra Melief, director of the Enschede Marathon Foundation: “Today we received a message from politicians in The Hague that we can organize this great event as part of Fieldlab Events. We are very happy that the competition can continue. Behind the scenes we have worked hard on a good plan to organize this event in corona time, and we have already done a lot of preparatory work. Now we are doing everything we can to organize a successful event on May 16. ” The event will take place on the protected site of Twenthe Airport Event Location. Marten Foppen (director VTE) “proud that in this way we can contribute to the further opening up of events in the Netherlands”.

Niels van den Berg, Alderman for Sports, Municipality of Enschede: “The fact that Enschede Marathon is allowed to organize a recreational competition this year is an incredibly positive development for our city. It gradually offers some perspective again in these difficult times, in which we still feel like balancing on a tightrope. I am really looking forward to it and count on a lot of enthusiasm and sportsmanship! “.

The new series of practical studies is aimed at testing the measures under which the 1.5 meters can be safely released in various sectors. The central question in this second phase of Fieldlab Events is whether the measures, as introduced in the previous pilots and proved to be good, also work with increased capacity. The new studies must meet various criteria, such as upscaling, broadening and deepening.

Marcel Elbertse, chair of the Steering Committee of the Fieldlab Events research program: “We are very pleased to announce a new series of studies today. It is great that we can do these upscaling tests, where we can test previously acquired knowledge with higher visitor numbers. We are well aware that this is an absolute privilege, especially with a look at the current epidemiological picture, where easing is not yet forthcoming. However, these new studies are essential for the second phase of Fieldlab Events. ”

Enschede Marathon 2021 is made possible in part by a subsidy from the province of Overijssel. Member of the Provincial Executive Eddy van Hijum: “The Enschede Marathon is one of the iconic events in Overijssel. The events industry has been hit hard by the crisis and the measures. I am extremely pleased that we can take the first step in Enschede towards more space for the organization of events in the region. The province considers it very important that prospects are created for this severely affected sector. That is why we are pleased that the Enschede Marathon has the status of Fieldlab Event. We also allocate extra money ourselves to facilitate a number of regional test events with visitors. More will be known about this later. ”

During the upscaling tests, it is investigated how participants and visitors react to the event and the preventive measures that apply. It is also being investigated how corona rapid tests can be used. Participants will only be allowed access if they have had a rapid test done up to 24 hours in advance and can show a negative test result. The research results are used to look at how to work towards the return of safe and responsible events with an increased visitor capacity.