The 5 km & 10 km RUN of Enschede Marathon is official Fieldlab Event

In the spring of 2021, several practical tests, under the name Fieldlab Events, were
carried out. The aim is to research visitor behaviour. And to find measures to enable larger groups of people to come together in a safer and more responsible way. Fieldlab Events has received permission from the Cabinet for upscaling tests with a higher visitor capacity. The new series of field tests must meet various criteria, such as upscaling, broadening and deepening.

We have been asked to organise a 5 km & 10 km RUN for 5,000 participants on 16 May.

And you can be there!
We think it is important to contribute to the reopening of society without measures and tests as soon as possible. We expect the results of the research to contribute directly to this.
Spread over the day, four starting shots will sound for a total of 5,000 participants who will run 5 or 10 kilometres across the closed Twenthe Airfield event site without an audience.
On Wednesday 28 April at 12:00, registration will open for everyone. There will still be boarding passes available for some 2,000 participants. First come, first served.

Boarding pass (registration closes on 8 May at 23.59)
Price: €19.50


Limited edition Ready for Takeoff Medal
COVID test
10 km course certified by the Athletics Union. 5 Km course is 5.184 km
Around 11 June you will receive a special edition of the Marathon Magazine at home!
Medal engraving (€ 6,50 pre order, € 8,- on the spot) and (unguarded) cloakroom is available

Take off time
10:00 am 10 km (400 places reserved for businessflights)
12:00 pm 10 km
2 pm 10 km
4 pm 5 km & 10 km
You can book a time slot of your choice. If one period is full, you can try another.

The Fieldlab Events may only take place under strict conditions. For example, all visitors must undergo a quick test before an event and must show a negative test result when participating in the event. The test can be done in your own hometown. After registering, you will receive a link to a special app that will guide you through the process. You get all kinds of information and facts beforehand and the app tells you exactly when and where you can have a test. As part of the investigation, we urgently ask you to have another test done 5 days after the event. The organisation and the municipality agree on the requirements for this event.

Safety is guaranteed in several ways. The enclosed area is only accessible to participants with a boarding pass and a negative coronation result. In addition, the event will take place in the open air on the extensive grounds of Evenementenlocatie Vliegveld Twenthe. Peak traffic is prevented because spectators cannot be present this edition and because the participants are divided over 4 starting groups.

Can scientific research be fun?
Yes, it can! Otherwise nobody would come and no useful research could be done. We conclude on a cosy finish square where you can chat while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Be fit, fast & ready!